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spelling, grammar, etc.

Okay, I feel a desperate need to put this out into the world. I have been reading blogs and I am appalled that seemingly intelligent people are so damn ignorant of basic things we all were supposed to learn in grade school: there is a place — “Over there.” their indicates possession — “It’s their

23 Apr 2015


Years ago, when this blog was just a baby, I posted about people who cry, “I’m too busy!” constantly. I thought it was a cop-out then. I still do today. I grabbed a hurried lunch with a friend the other day because we had literally not seen each other since early August or earlier. She

22 Apr 2015

Ring in the new

I have always loved New Year’s Day. No pressure, no place to be, no stress. We had a low stress holiday season overall but today was still nice. My work life is ramping up – I am transitioning from 16 hours a week to full time. It is good, but I am nervous about the

01 Jan 2015

Christmas 2014

We spent a few days in the Arizona sunshine.

30 Dec 2014

Carrying a Torch

A boy I once loved died last night. Too young, needlessly. He fell asleep at the wheel. Today has been a torrent of memories … a Boston Red Sox cap, softball games, a Chinese restaurant in Georgia. Barracks, uniforms, and magical summer nights. A reunion, deep affection, and a long, soul-baring talk. A sunset over

31 Oct 2014

It’s Complicated

My surgery. It was far more complex than the doc had anticipated. There were complications, a second surgeon had to be called in, and what was supposed to be an hour and a half turned into a 6 hour procedure. Friday night I was miserable, ALL NIGHT. I left the hospital Sunday afternoon, and was

29 Oct 2014

Fall cleaning on steroids

I am preparing for a surgical procedure that will have me in bed for a week or two, and in the past month I have been feverishly cleaning and organizing. It was all overdue; the deep cleaning of bathroom, the washing of walls, the dusting and reorganizing of my laundry room, which had become a

05 Oct 2014

Solstice Party Recap

We hosted a summer solstice party at our seasonal campsite yesterday. It was an item at our church auction last November, so I had a long time to pore over Pinterest and get ideas. A struggle with depression this spring combined with all those wonderful ideas left me overwhelmed. I finally pulled the menu together

22 Jun 2014

Guest Post from Aislinn: National Infertility Awareness Week

It is National Infertility Awareness Week, and I am hosting a guest blogger today. Aislinn from Baby Makin’ and I got connected through my friend Lauren at Our Crazy Ever After. If you go to Lauren’s blog there will be a linkup of all the guest posts she set up for this week. Thanks to

23 Apr 2014

Me time

It’s no secret here that I am a girl who needs her alone time. March has not been so accommodating of that. I love that my boys are involved in extracurricular activities — one in track, one in dance and singing, one in Model UN this year — but it has me feeling more than

30 Mar 2014
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