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About this site:

Something Else is just that — not your average website, not your average Mommy blog, not really average anything — it’s really Something Else.

I have a lot of passions; I love to learn, and to share the things I love. This site is a spot for me to write a little bit, to begin to share some of my years of genealogy research, and maybe to add Something Else — a page, a hobby, or whatever, when the mood strikes me.

Ever had a friend who, when mentioned, people responded, “Oh, her? She’s Something Else.” People say that about me. (It isn’t always a compliment.)

I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. A sometime scrapbooker, family historian, reader, cook, and photographer. I volunteer. I follow politics closely and love being involved in the political process. I have been a fan of Bruce Springsteen for over 30 years. I love deeply and I strive daily to be a cheerful, kind and generous person. I fail at that regularly. I’m a community organizer. I love old cars, cocktails, and  things that are shiny, sparkly, or glittery.  I have a lot of interests, but I am always open to Something Else — trying new things, finding new passions, exploring creative pursuits.

I’m snarky and I don’t pull any punches. Some people don’t appreciate my style. If you’re one of them, that’s ok. Get your own blog.

Oh — and if you find yourself saying, “Her? She’s Something Else!” Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ve certainly been called worse. :)


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