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Mine field

March has been a mine field. When my boys were small, we had several years (5 at least, maybe more) where March was nothing but one runny nose/cold/stomach flu after another. I would have sick kids, each bringing home a different illness, then sharing it with his siblings, so that we had a round-robin of

28 Mar 2014

It’s Beautiful

There was, apparently, a kerfuffle over a Coca-Cola commercial that aired during yesterday’s Super Bowl. It shows people of different cultural and religious backgrounds and “America, The Beautiful” is sung in a number of languages; Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish, Hebrew, Senegalese-French, Arabic, Keres (spoken by the Pueblo people of New Mexico), Mandarin, and I may have

03 Feb 2014

Finally, photos

Last year I posted about being inspired to create a couple of end tables out at the camper. We hope to add a deck this summer and these will add some color and be functional, too. We found a little red side table in Lanesboro at a vintage shop. I think we paid $25 for

30 Jan 2014

Crafty New Year!

Happy New Year! As usual, I am an inconsistent blogger. Oh well. Maybe that is just how it’s going to be around here for a while. The holiday season was ok this year. My Seasonal Affective Disorder is not bad. I think the Vitamin D supplement helps, as does my little blue light. For Christmas,

07 Jan 2014

Deep Fried Turkey and … Ducks?

My new job at ADB Advertising is a great gig — I love what I do and my boss intrepid leader, Alex (we all know I only have one Boss) is an amazingly creative and talented guy. The fact that he is so good at what he does is underscored by the fact that he

26 Nov 2013

Pink Tulle Tree DIY

A friend pinned the image of the pink tulle tree below on Pinterest. It said there were instructions, but the picture didn’t link to anything. After a Google search and several “404 Not Found” errors, I found the DIY linked below with the image below on this Tumblr page. I copied and pasted the instructions,

16 Nov 2013

Again I resist being put in a box, religion edition

I read a blog by a woman, Swistle (“rhymes with thistle”) very regularly. She is funny and smart and insightful but also humble and down to earth and real. Recently she posted and asked her readers to weigh in and let her know how religious they are. I wanted to answer; really I did. But

08 Nov 2013


Wow. I have been busy. Things are moving even faster than usual around here, but most of it is very, very good and for that I am grateful. I started a new job officially in mid-August. My previous position, at a non-profit, was great but they opted not to fund my position after June 15.

06 Nov 2013


Don’t you hate it when a blogger is cryptic about something? I mean, either say it or don’t, but don’t put it out here halfway so that I (the reader) am left wondering what the heck is going on. Am I right? Yeah. Totally annoying. However. I used to have a job. I didn’t talk

27 Aug 2013

Royal Baby

The Little Prince is born. I predict these 4 names, in order of likelihood of appearing as first name. Philip Spencer George Charles We shall see. I hope his mum comes up with 100 silly, obnoxious nicknames for him that never make it to print but still make him blush at 20. Update, August 27,

22 Jul 2013
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