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Life is Good

I haven’t posted consistently for some time, and though the lack of posting was first brought on by stress, it later became just another symptom of a busy life. I got a part-time job. I continued to volunteer in politics, at my kids’ school, and at church. My eldest got through 2 years of high

20 Jun 2013

Love is Law

Photo credit: http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/07/in-sleepy-minnesota-suburbs-church-ladies-launch-gay-marriage-crusade/259678/ The website credits Benson Kua/Flickr as well. Today is an historic day in my state. Minnesota Senators are going to vote today on Marriage Equality. The bill passed in the Minnesota House last Thursday. If the Senate passes it today, DFL Governor Mark Dayton says he will sign it — possibly within

13 May 2013

Inspiration strikes again

I had a LOVELY day yesterday, getting our camper ready for the summer. I cleaned and scrubbed with very cold water, wiping out fridges and freezers, dusting, vacuuming, pulling bedding and towels out of Rubbermaid totes, and got everything shipshape with the help of my family. Awesome. Part of the rush of the day was

12 May 2013

May 2 snowstorm

This was taken around 8 AM. Snow fell until mid afternoon, totaling 15.5″ and we got an additional 2 inches overnight last night.

03 May 2013

Global Weirding

I live in Rochester, Minnesota. It has been an odd year, weather-wise. The winter wasn’t terribly tough, but we have just been struggling to get it to leave. Temperatures were below normal for the majority of April. We have had excessive amounts of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and all of the other cold and unpleasant

03 May 2013

I don’t even know what to call this

I am steamed. Or rather, I was steamed the other day. I’ve pretty much calmed down about it now, and I am reaching that phase where I am once again accepting of the existence of idiocy, even as I rail against it. What got me started this time? Somebody preaching on Facebook about how the

26 Apr 2013

The Sanctity of Life

I was born and raised in North Dakota. It can be a tough state. The people are no-nonsense. Pragmatic. Resilient. They can also be intolerant. In my town of about 8,000 on the North Dakota prairie, it was NOT ok to be different. I was a little brainy. I used big words. People thought I

26 Mar 2013

On the BSA’s Anti-Gay Policy

Sometimes I publish things here that others have written. If it ends up here, that pretty much means I think it is so good that I wish I’d written it myself. As the Boy Scouts of America seeks input on its policy against homosexuals, people are posting opinions all over the place. On Facebook today

12 Mar 2013

Rainy Saturday

It’s rainy out. We had just shy of a foot of snow on Monday-Tuesday, and it rained all last night. Our back yard is a disgusting, soupy, slushy mess of snow and rain, and (I have no idea why) the majority of it is this icky yellow-green that looks as though a couple dozen frat

09 Mar 2013

You can lead a horse to water …

In an effort to be respectful of my children’s privacy I have not posted much because, well, the prevailing theme in my life is a child who suffers from a severe lack of what, in this house, we call “Give a damn.” He (and obviously, since all of my children are of the male variety

22 Feb 2013
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